Public Works Procurement


  • Have the mandated public works template filled in by your vendors electronically
  • Enable electronic bid bonds that can be verified at the time of the electronic bid submittal
  • Assure your vendors acknowledge the receipt of all time and date stamped addenda
  • Enjoy the flexibility of determining which fields are required to be completed by your vendors before they can submit their bid


  • Eliminate the phone calls for public record requests
  • Eliminate the process of copying, packaging and mailing public request documents
  • Public records can automatically be posted with the push of a button
  • All of the information is captured throughout the bidding process and can be made available to the public to search and retrieve


  • Award to bidders on a line item basis
  • Can select one bidder per item or multiple
  • Can send vendor bid award information with the push of a button right from the system


  • Automatically compare the bids on a line item basis
  • Bid tabulation automatically created from the vendor electronic bid submittals
  • Eliminate the timely requirement to enter the bid information onto a spreadsheet to compare
  • With the selection of a single button have all of the bid information sorted to compare the vendor submittals


  • Eliminate the possibility of errors in transcribing the bid information
  • Automate the data entry for your bids and eliminate the time your employees have to re-enter the bid information
  • Central Bidding will automate the process of populating the bid information directly from your server to the electronic bid form.
  • You simply select the bid template and enter your unique bid identification information and all of the bid information pre-populates the necessary fields for the vendors.
  • You can even have your vendors automatically notified that you have released a bid and are looking for them to submit pricing, based on the commodity code the vendor submitted at registration.